That first step... by Eric Stoddard

You hear it from every good meaning person, "the first step is the hardest one. Boy, is it!

Everything little thing that could get in the way of starting this site has reared it's head. From real world job to household things.

I work in DC as a software programmer. 

I live close to Richmond, VA.

For those that dont know, it's about 85 miles to get to work. With DC traffic being what it is, I take a commuter train. It takes me 30 minutes to get to the train station then 90 minutes to get to work. Round trip, I am looking at 4 hours a day just commuting.

Lately, due to work, I have been doing long days (10-12 hours). By the time I get home, I just have no time for anything. Then, my weekends are taken up with the things that didn't get done during the week. THEN, well, I'm a gamer. I tend to fall back into sitting in front of my PC playing games.

Not taking photos. Not editing photos. Not writing posts. 

So... I bought a MacBook Pro. 

My thought is: if I can get all of the photos I have culled and edited (14,000 at last count), I can get my head on straight and start posting to Instagram an to this blog. 

I am going to take the MacBook with me everyday. My hope is I will be able to edit photos daily and churn through my backlog.

We shall see.