About Us: The Journey to Get Here.

Personal Development for Dads Who Want to Excel in Life and Parenthood

This site is dedicated to men and fathers out there. Our intention is to increase the awareness that parenthood, and in particular fatherhood, is one of the most important roles in the world and to assist in the personal development of those who choose to handle their responsibility with the significance it demands.

About Us: Motivation & Inspiration.

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This site was born out of passion. Not just a passion for my children or being a dad, but a passion for the significance of the paternal role.

Being a father is not just important - that's a massive understatement. Rather, being a father is the most important role you will ever have in your life...

I don't care what your career looks like.

Being a dad is more. Much more.

A Little About Me.

I am a husband and a father. But that's only a surface reading of my situation.

My wife has a significant mental illness - both depression and a condition known as borderline personality disorder.

My eldest daughter has autism.

I know more than most the weight of responsibility that being a father and husband carries. It took me almost a decade to learn it, and I wish I had known fully sooner. But I know now, and it's my mission to ensure that no one else is in any doubt about it.

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The Last Leg.

I have spent years dabbling online; building websites, marketing through both paid media and organic reach across various social media. It's fair to say that it's become something of a passion of mine.

I know that my role as husband and father is the primary method through which I can make a difference in this world, but if I am to have any reach beyond my immediate family, it's fair to assume that it would be through utilizing these passions and skills.

So here we find ourselves.


Welcome to my website.